Passover Set

35.00 $

Breakinbox  Passover challenge set

Breakinbox Passover Challenge can be played in Hebrew (if you recognize some Passover-related Hebrew words) or English (if you don’t).

Breakinbox Challenges weave versatile knowledge worlds, making the solution a complex and unique experience.
Challenge difficulty is subjective, yet we empirically assembled our scale:
Medium difficulty: the Passover challenge is (also) suitable as a family activity with youth from the age of 12.



Breakinbox set.

Three locked boxes one inside the other
Outer box dimensions: 15.5*15.5*15.5 cm
Weight: approximately 450 gr

Some of the puzzles and all of the hints make use of the internet.

We highly recommend using a computer to approach online riddle pages.

To use the hints you need to be able to scan a QR code.


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