BreakInBox set plus WHOSENT.ME card

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A Breakinbox challenge of your choice.

Breakinbox Challenges weave together versatile knowledge worlds making the solution a complex unique experience.
Challenge difficulty is subjective, yet we empirically assembled our scale:
Medium difficulty: the orange set, and the white set (an offline set) are suitable for a family activity with people as young as 12 years old, the blue set is recommended as the first set for an all-adult group of players.
Hard: The black set, the light-blue set (an offline set ) and the red set are about the same difficulty level.
Very hard: The green set, the yellow set, and the purple set are not recommended for the uninitiated.

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A Breakinbox set of your choice plus a WHOSENT.ME card for you to use with it.

Three locked boxes one inside the other
Outer box dimensions: 15.5*15.5*15.5 cm
Weight: approximately 450 gr

Some of the puzzles and all of the hints make use of the internet.
In order to use the hints you need to be able to scan a QR code


You can attach a WHOSENT.ME card to any gift you wish to send.

We recommend reading about WHOSENT.ME cards by following this link.

WHOSENT.ME cards require basic English to build and solve puzzles.

Please don’t forget to BUILD THE GAME before you send the cards out.

Additional information

Breakinbox set color

orange, blue, black, red, yellow, purple, green


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